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~~Strange Happenings~~SniperxGenderNeutralReader~~
It was late at night and the gang in their respective dorms. [name] had just gotten comfy in their dorm, resting on the hard bed and thin sheets. This wasn't made to be lived in, just waiting for the announcers voice to wake you and let you fight until ceasefire. Then you go back to those dorms, homes or vans which ever tickled your fancy. [Name]'s eyes started to drift until there was a large clap of thunder, a girlish scream and what sounded like someone running quickly down the hallways.
"frag it.." they mumbled and climbed out of bed, wrapping the sheet around them and picking up their [melee weapon] to knock some sense into someone. They don't care who, they wanted to sleep.
Throwing open the door and following the sounds of distress, [name] quickly finds the source. Scout and Demo where under a table and Sniper trying to coax them out. [name] tries to fix their bed head, fingers tangling around their [hairlength][haircolour] and fixes their blanket to hide the shorts and [teamcol
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Mature content
Pop culture Reference :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0
Five Night's at Freddy's OC :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 2 2
Tanaka x Reader ~~Selfie~~
[f/c] = Fav colour [s/c] = skin colour
[Name] leans against the chilled gym wall as they watches the Karasuno volleyball team clean up. They pull out their [f/c] flip phone with a pixel pacman charm and browses through their pictures, their foot tapping next to the first aid box. [Name] was made first aider ever since they cleaned up Hinata’s scraped need, they wouldn’t leave them alone until they agreed. [Name] was idly flipping through their phone when it hit them like a ball to the back of the head. “I’m going to take a group selfie! Oh no!” they smacked there [s/c] forehead, they didn't have a selfie stick and they won't all fit. [Name] furrowed their brow in thought, pouting in thought, Takeda sensei leaned over to them with his friendly smile “thinking of taking a picture with all of them?” [Name] jumped and nodded, unsure of how he knew but let him finish. He reached into his trouser pockets and pulled out a wallet “I couldn’
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WIP Background finshed :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0 TASTE THE RAINBOW :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0 Confidence :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0 Five Nights at Animal Crossing :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 1 0 Night Walking :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0 Kairi :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 2 A new outfit for the on coming months :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 8 0 Spark My Ganja Little Hobbit :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 1 0 Help :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 0 0
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Vent Drawing Art Nouveau inspired Nepeta :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 4 0
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Heart Strings :iconnoodle-shop:Noodle-Shop 2 4
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(pick-up lines)
{ Tanaka x Reader }
(F/n)-chan ( ˘ ³˘)❤
From: Ryuu
"On a scale of 1 to 10: You're a 9 & I'm the 1 you need."
You giggled at the message Ryuu sent you. He never failed to bring a smile to your face: he'd compliment you, hold your hand, and even once when you went to one of his volleyball practices, he ran over picked you up by your waist, and twirled you around when he spotted you.
You blushed, remembering all the things Ryuu did to make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You picked up your phone, and started to type back.
To: Ryuu╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯
From: (F/n) (L/n)
"Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile."
'Try to beat that, Ryuu' you thought as, you waited for Ryuu to text back. A minute passed when your phone alerted you that you received a new message.
To: (F/n)-chan ( ˘ ³
:iconniiyamas:niiyamas 84 12
Pumpkin Guts (Ryunosuke Tanaka)
I've always loved Halloween. Bet you can't guess my favorite part. No, it's not dressing up in funny costumes or even the candy... No, my most favorite part of Halloween is so much simpler and more fun. Pumpkins. Carving pumpkins, to be exact. Though my darling boyfriend didn't share my love of it.
But even though he'd made it clear he disliked it, he was still willing to do it with me. “Isn't this fun?” I giggled, sticking my hand into the open pumpkin. The squishy and slimy feel of the orange substance was one I loved. Squeezing some of it in my hand I held it up where Tanaka could see.
“That's disgusting.” Like I said, Ryunosuke Tanaka did not share my love for this.
Squishing it in my hand a bit more to tease him, I suddenly dropped it. Lucky for me, it landed back inside the pumpkin. “Ow!” I'd forgotten about a small cut on my hand. As I'd learned when I was much younger: when pumpkin guts touch your cuts, it stings really badly.
“What hap
:iconwizzygamemaster:WizzyGameMaster 24 0
(Tanaka Ryuunosuke x Reader)
It was a painfully cold day as you were waiting at the School gates for your boyfriend to come since he hadn't any Club activities today, well, at least that's what he had told his precious girlfriend who was freezing a little while she was staying outside. You covered half of your face with the scarf you had decided to wear today, your cheeks already being painted red from the coldness.
Admiring the scenery around you as People were passing by, leaving the School, you didn't expect the Volleyball Player to run up behind your back as he scared your little self. Your reaction made him laugh, you on the other hand weren't happy about that at all which he must have noticed.
"Hey, I'm sorry, forgive me [Name]-chan", Tanaka apologized while wearing a cute expression on his face, out of all his different ones. He knew that you couldn't be mad at him for a long time, after all he was your loveable dork.
"Geez...", you pouted a little which the bold male in front o
:icondrawingself:Drawingself 31 2
addiction | tanaka ryuunosuke | coffee shop!au
//tanaka ryuunosuke x reader
//coffee shop!au
It was nice being surrounded by the smell of pastries and sweeted drinks of ground beans. You weren't what you'd call a coffee addict, but a nice cappuccino once in a while really brightened your mood. The instances where you'd enter a coffee shop weren't frequent if you had to say so yourself. You only learned to drink coffee a while back, so it had taken some time for you to get used to the bitter taste. The two shots of caramel and puff of cream weren't for nothing, after all.
In your group of friends you were the least 'addicted' to coffee and you held pride in that fact. But there was one guy you knew who was a perfect fit for the term. He could slurp up the entire content of every coffee machine in town, though, he would complain to you later on via calls or texts that he couldn't sleep and had all the energy in the world. He would keep you up all night with weird texts as if he had gotten drunk from the coffee.
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 136 28
Drowsy | Genos
[Genos x Reader]
“What kind of music do you listen to, Genos?”
Genos was startled by the question. Over the past four years, he hadn’t put much thought into anything else except training. Thinking back on when he was still human, he tried to remember what he listened to on the long train rides back home from school.
“Um, well, I really can’t remember right now...” Genos mumbled with a hand now placed under his chin. His eyes darted around the room as he continued to delve into his own memories. “Sorry, it’s been so long since I last listened to music on my own accord.”
“That’s okay,” you said as you shifted towards the end of the couch, patting the space beside you. “Come listen to music with me.”
Genos was hesitant at first but complied nonetheless. He sat close to you, his body barely touching yours as you handed him the free earbud. He tried to hide his smile as he placed the bud in his ear.
You pres
:iconkirschteinsparklez:kirschteinsparklez 373 23
~Apology Accepted~ :Archie x Reader: (Pokemon)
It had only been but a few hours since the now former leader of Team Aqua's plans fell apart in ruin. Since he came to the realization of how flawed his goals truly were. Since [Name] confessed her feelings for him, just before she disappeared in the heavy downpours wake. Just before Archie himself could inform the young woman of his own emotions toward her.
And now that the flooding had ceased, he could begin his search for his missing love, in more ways then the simple physical manner he was currently indulging in.
Archie struggled to gain his footing as he walked through the aftermath of his failed ideals, waist-deep water hiding slippery mud beneath the serene looking surface. Wadding through the mess was nearly impossible, his stubborn drive being the only thing fueling him past the jagged rocks that surrounded the area.
Archie tripped, quickly falling forward into an upstanding rock that thankfully caught him, instead of letting him crash into whatever debris awaited him underwat
:iconwonderlandxwanderer:WonderlandxWanderer 75 4
Quill :iconjathara:Jathara 2 5
Zoro X Reader: Soft
     “EXCUSE YOU?! YOU MEAN YOU’RE TELLING ME I CAN’T SLEEP?!” You screamed, eyes whited out in fury with tightly clenched fists.
    “That’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you!” Nami yelled back, facing you with an equally as angry expression.
    “FUCK NO. THIS IS A BEACH. I AM GOING TO LAY MY ASS DOWN AND SLEEP.” You argued, gesturing madly to the very beach you stood on.
    “NO! Did you NOT see that stack of gold literally TWENTY FEET into the forest just sitting there?! There’s obviously more somewhere! That’s why I sent mostly everyone off to go find more!” She shouted with emphasis.
    “I was on NIGHT WATCH! I got three hours of sleep! THREE! Better yet, you SAID we were going to take a break!” You pointed out.
    “Well I changed my mind! Treasure is far more
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 652 53
Snow Zoro x Reader
    Zoro yawned loudly as the first rays of sunlight hit his eyes. He had been assigned to the crows nest, as usual. He blinked in confusion as he looked around him. Snow covered everything at least a foot deep, it was a big change from the summer island the crew had just been on. But that wasn't what confused him. The snow was normal, but feeling so warm in it was not. Zoro looked down at himself before smirking slightly.
    "Well good morning," Said Zoro as he pulled back the blankets you had wrapped the two of you in. You yawned and rubbed your eyes sleepily.
    "Mornin'," You grumbled. Zoro chuckled at how red your cheeks got when you realized the position you were in. "Oh, I can explain, Zoro-kun. It's just, it was snowing and I remembered that you were up here without a coat so I. . . Well, I came up here to bring you some blankets and I guess I fell asleep." You trailed off, blushing nervously.
    "I can see that, thanks." He replied.
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 224 15
Pounce (ZoroXReader)
               “Shut up I know where I’m going.”
               “Are you sure Zoro?”
               “Yes, I am sure!”
               “Because I’m pretty sure that the restaurant was that way.” You pointed behind you as the green haired man finally noticed the giant neon sign that illuminated the figure of the strong woman in front of him. He scoffed and looked to the side.
               “I knew that.” (Name) sighed
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 223 16
Zoro slept peacefully on the deck. He’s really tired today. He have to deal with Chopper jumping into sea, the annoying cook, another Marine ship tailing them, Nami constantly babbling about his debt, and the constant mini explosion somewhere in the ship by either Ussop or Franky.  
It was stressing. No wonder he sleeps like 17/24 hours a day.
But now everything is peaceful. No annoying cook to fight ( Sanji’s busy making shakes for Nami and Robin inside the kitchen), no talking deer jumping into sea, no bitchy Navigator blackmailing him (P.S. I don’t hate Nami…but I see her as a bit of a bitch…in a good way!), and no more invention failure by Ussop or Franky (they called it quits for today).
Yup. Peaceful. So….very peace-
“Hey Zoro!”
Zoro opened his good eyes and saw you kneeling infront of him with a big grin on your face and a box of Pocky on your hands.
“What do you want, woman?
:iconbloodybloom17:bloodybloom17 171 17
-Taste // Nishinoya-
[ Drabble with suggestive themes ]
"With nuts."
"... Creamy."
"With the freaking nuts."
The both of you exchange stares that accuse the other of being batshit crazy.
Chewing on a bite of your peanut butter sandwich, you try but fail to wrap your mind around the concept of how someone could choose the creamy kind over the chunky one.
"There's more texture in this one though!" You protest, waving the half eaten chunky peanut butter sandwich around as if the gesture helps fortify your objection.
Nishinoya shakes his spiky head vehemently, a peanut butter sandwich sans the chunk in his own calloused grasp. "Creamy is the way to go, okay? You don't have to do all the chewing!"
"But eating a creamy peanut butter sandwich still requires chewing."
"It's easier on the teeth, you see." He flashes you a cheeky grin, hoping to blind you with his pearly whites that in reality were smudged in messy peanut butter stains.
"Shut up, Noya." You sigh, r
:iconharukakazue:harukakazue 228 102


yes go read lizzloopandseel.thecomicseries…

"L L + S : Lizz, Loop and Seel. A webcomic about three siblings. One natural, one adopted and one an experiment. They followed in their mum's footsteps in an attempt to save her life. They meet strange characters along the way, can they get all nine life crystals to save her? Written by LizzardTales. 

[a mix of Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and small attempt at comedy]"



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